Hire a personal
human boss

Do you excel at work but can't seem to finish any personal projects? Hiring a Boss could work for you!

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A better way to be productive

There are types of people that need to be accountable to others to work at peak performance, Hired Boss was designed with those people in mind.

Hired Boss is a service where a real human Boss will help you break down projects into tasks, schedule those tasks and check on your progress to hold you accountable.

  • Track tasks

    Depending on the plan, you can enter tasks in the website or through email.

  • Daily reminders (Mon-Fri)

    Depending on your plan, your Boss will follow up on your progress daily or every other day Monday to Friday.

  • Proof of completion

    Provide proof of completion (picture, website link, etc) to your Boss to confirm completion of a task.

  • Dashboard view

    Get metrics on how well you are completing tasks.


Pick the plan right for you

All plans include a real human Boss checking on your progress


$ 29 /month
  • 10 open tasks

  • Email reminders (Mon,Wed,Fri)

  • Create and update tasks through website

Most popular


$ 49 /month
  • All features of Hobby plan

  • 10 additional open tasks

  • Daily text reminders (Mon-Fri)

  • Create and update tasks through email

  • Track tasks in website


$ 149 /month
  • All features of Professional plan

  • Weekly progress report

  • 2 - 25 minute coaching sessions per month

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Will it work for you?

There are many reasons why people procrastinate: perfectionism, distraction, conflicting priorities and lack of accountability to name a few.

When you are just accountable to yourself it's easy to procrastinate tasks or defer working toward goals.

Hired Boss interrupts the procrastination/defeat cycle by making you accountable to your Boss, and everyone wants kudos for getting it done rather than being prodded for being a slacker.

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Our Bosses are good, they've heard every excuse in the book, and they know how to hold you accountable. Lets's face it, sometimes you need a kick in the pants to get the job done.

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Need more?

Sometimes there are deeper issues preventing you from reaching your full productive potential.

Maybe you don't know exactly where to start and need help in breaking down your project into manageable tasks. This is where the Concierge plan can help.

You and your Boss will have two thirty-minute coaching sessions per month where you will discuss your projects, the tasks associated with those projects, and set up realistic schedules for you to complete your tasks.

You will also discuss any other areas affecting your ability to complete tasks and your Boss will offer solutions to mitigate those issues.

Once the tasks are defined and schedules are set, your Boss will hold you accountable to reach your goals.

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